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  • Child and Adolescent Suicidal Behavior: School-Based Prevention, Assessment, and Intervention David N. Miller, Ph.D., 2011, The Guilford Press.  Meeting a crucial need, this book distills the best current knowledge on child and adolescent suicide prevention into comprehensive guidelines for school-based practitioners. The author draws on extensive research and clinical experience to provide best-practice recommendations for developing schoolwide prevention programs, conducting risk assessments, and intervening at different levels of intensity with students at risk. Also presented are postvention procedures for responding effectively if a suicide does occur. Legal and ethical issues are addressed in detail. Reproducible handouts include sample assessment questions for students, teachers, and parents; the book's large-size format and lay-flat binding facilitate photocopying.

  • Suicide Intervention in the Schools  S. Poland, 1989, Guilford Publications. Provides step-by-step guidelines for setting up and maintaining a comprehensive crisis intervention program.

  • Tattered Teddies: An Interactive Handbook about the Awareness and Prevention of Suicide in Children  Laurel Bridges & Rani Murji, 2008, Centre for Suicide Prevention,  Targeting adults working directly with children, Tattered Teddies is an interactive guide to assist adults in addressing suicidality when interacting with children at risk for suicide. Structured in a "textbook" format with which many professionals are accustomed to reading, the handbook is divided into chapters which include introdcutions, text, an interactive component, keypoint overview, and additional resources.

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