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Suicide is a public health issue. Media and online coverage of suicide should be informed by using best practices. Please use the following information when talking about suicide, suicide prevention and the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado.

Before reporting on suicide or talking to reporters, please take a few minutes to read the AFSP report Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide to learn the safest and most effective ways to talk with the media. Please share this information with reporters with whom you work. 

When discussing suicide and suicide prevention, we encourage using the following messages, as developed by a team of suicide prevention experts in Colorado. Download the complete report from the Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention's workshop on working with the media. 
Primary Message
  • Suicide is a health issue that can be prevented.

Secondary Messages
  • There is hope. There is help.
  • Suicide is everyone’s business.
  • Learn how to talk about suicide.
  • Asking for help [when you are feeling suicidal] is courageous.
  • Know the warning signs of suicide.

When speaking about SPCC, we encourage you to use the following messages:
Download the complete report on using SPCC's messages.

Primary Message
  • The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado works around the state of Colorado to decrease suicide and its impact.

Secondary Messages
  • The coalition is a collaborative effort of organizations and individuals. As a coalition the organization is able to create a unified voice that is stronger, more organized and more efficient than individuals and groups working alone. 

  • SPCC works to educate and advocate in an effort to end suicide in Colorado.

  • SPCC’s board members represent nearly every region of the state and represent individuals and organizations working in the areas of mental health, suicide prevention, survivor groups, depression and more.

  • SPCC works to ensure that information about best practices in suicide prevention, program information and connections are shared with its network, in order to facilitate efforts, help avoid duplication of efforts and ensure financial and human resources are used effectively and efficiently.

  • SPCC provides a safe place for survivors of suicide to find resources, connect with other survivors and work with others who understand their unique role in suicide prevention.

Additional information about reporting on suicide can be found at

Easy Resources for Working with the Media

The following are some links to quick resources that may help you communicate about suicide prevention, suicide in Colorado, etc.

Sample Press Release and Tips for Writing a Press Release.

Sample Letters to the Editor.

QUICK facts about suicide in Colorado, warning signs and risk factors.

(This is not an exhaustive list. For more facts, please check out our resources page.)

PDF of suicide prevention and mental health resources
. This is not an exhaustive list.

Click here for 21 tips for using social media.


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